How Hometown Heroes of Michigan Began:

Navneet and Neerja Anand began their path to Hometown Heroes of Michigan, a non-profit organization, in 2009 when they discovered that many of their customers had excess medical supplies they no longer needed. Hometown Heroes of Michigan is built on donations and volunteerism. We rely on volunteers and donations to continue improving the quality of our non-profit services to the community.

Our Mission
To provide every individual in need with the appropriate medical equipment and supplies at no cost, so that they may lead a healthy and independent lifestyle. We pledge to find the needed equipment for free, or at a low cost*. Participation in Hometown Heroes of Michigan promotes earth friendly practices through education and recycling.

We Serve
•  Fixed Income Clients
•  Young Clients
•  Middle Age Clients
•  Elderly Clients
•  Unemployed Clients
•  Uninsured Clients

The help we provide can give our clients a chance to live more independently with pride and dignity. Please feel free to donate to our cause so we have the resources to improve and expand this organization.